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IKAWA Kickstarter

There’s a new product out there for home-roasting coffee. A British company, IKAWA, has launched a Kickstarter for their home-roaster. Their product appears to be an expensive(?) improvement to the typical Air-Popping Popcorn makers.

12. May 2015 by Nate
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Coffee As a Tobacco Alternative

Here’s a new one for me. There’s a company out there marketing “packets of coffee grounds” as a tobacco alternative: “Originally designed as a healthy tobacco alternative for professional baseball, Grinds is great for anyone looking to either kick their … Continue reading

08. November 2014 by Nate
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A Myth of Gesha

I’ve been hearing more and more about Gesha but have yet to taste any. This is an interesting introduction: “The fascinating thing about Gesha is the extent to which the end cup reflects the varietal of coffee itself. … A … Continue reading

27. June 2014 by Nate
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Colombia Narino Taminango

Ordered this from Sweet Maria’s (SM) last month, I think. There description of it being on the sweet smelling side is accurate. With regards the taste, it doesn’t really bowl me over. It is just there. Roasting to French/Italian roast … Continue reading

09. January 2013 by Frank
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An Introduction

This is a home for all you passionate coffee drinkers who have been searching high and low for the sweet, sweet smell of a perfect cup of coffee. Like you, we’re tired of stale coffee and are in no way … Continue reading

09. June 2012 by Nate
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